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Anna Nicole Smith Movie

Anna Nicole Smith was born is Texas in 1967 and she is until now one of the most famous celebrities known for being a playmate of playboy, she was actually Playmate of the Year in 1993. She was a full-time model and thanks to becoming a playmate, she was invited to several TV shows and was offered several roles to be an actress. She was famous for marrying octogenarian Howard Marshall, and started a legal battle to reclaim part of his estate.

After having a child in 2006, her son shortly killed himself and she was the focus of the press during those months because of the death of her son and because of the paternity and custody of her newborn. She died a couple of months later in 2007 in a Hollywood hotel for overdoses of prescription drugs. Forensics stated that it was accidental, as she was taking medicine for anxiety and strong antibiotics for a cold.

Anna Nicole Smith movie is a chronicle of her rise and fall, she is interpreted by Agnes Bruckner, who appeared in Private Practice and The Craigslist Killer. The movie has positive reviews and the story is faithful to Anna’s real life. Today, the legal battle is still on against the marshal family.

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